Australian Beef

AUS Premium Angus Grass fed

The Black Angus cuttles are reared at the lush green pastures of Gippsland in Victoria, a region internationally recognized for consistently produced high quality beef. The cows are grass-fed, free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed Striploin
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed Ribeye
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed Tenderloin
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed Tomahawk
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed Rump Cap (Picanha)

AUS Grass fed Beef

Australian grassfed beef is sustainably raised in harmony with nature, in a land of abundant pasturelands. Naturally lean, clean, and nutritious. Australian grassfed beef is “Good for you and the planet too”.

  • Aus Grassfed Striploin
  • Aus Grassfed Ribeye
  • Aus Grassfed Chuck Roll
  • Aus Grassfed Brisket Navel End
  • Aus Grassfed Rump D Cut
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed YP Oyster Blade
  • Aus Premium Angus Grassfed YP Brisket Navel End

Kilcoy Global Foods

Carrara Wagyu

Ebony Prime Black Angus

Blue Diamond

  • Carrara Wagyu Outside Flat MB4-5
  • Carrara Wagyu Outside Flat MB6-7
  • Carrara Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll MB6-7

  • Ebony DRump Prime MB4+ MSA
  • Ebony Angus Outside Flat 120 Days
  • Ebony Angus Topside 120 Days
  • Ebony Angus Chuck Roll 120 Days

  • AUS. Graind Fed Brisket Navel End 100 Days