Japanese Beef

Furano Wagyu

Furano Wagyu is the beef which only raised at Taniguchi Farm Group in Furano, Hokkaido. Furano Wagyu has a lower melting point so that you can immediately experience fat melting and spreading in your mouth.

Furano Wagyu A5

  • Furano Wagyu A5 Striploin
  • Furano Wagyu A5 Ribeye
  • Furano Wagyu A5 Tenderloin
  • Furano Wagyu A5 Rib Cap
  • Furano Wagyu A5 Chuck Rib

Furano Wagyu A4

  • Furano Wagyu A4 Striploin
  • Furano Wagyu A4 Rib Eye
  • Furano Wagyu A4 Tenderloin
  • Furano Wagyu A4 Rib Cap
  • Furano Wagyu A4 Chuck Rib

Furano Wagyu A5 Striploin

Iwate Wagyu

Iwate beef is Japan’s finest brand of beef, winning 11 times at the National beef carcass competition held at the Tokyo meat market. Only beef graded A3 to A5 is allowed to call Iwate Wagyu.


Iwate Wagyu A4

  • Iwate Wagyu A4 Striploin
  • Iwate Wagyu A4 Rib Eye
  • Iwate Wagyu A4 Top Blade
  • Iwate Wagyu A4 Chuck Rib
  • Iwate Wagyu A4 Chuck Roll

Kuroge Wagyu

Currently about 94% of the Wagyu in Japan is "black hair Japanese breed" (black hair wagyu beef). So Kuroge Wagyu is very common beef eaten in our daily lives. It is definitely the representative of Japan.

Kuroge Wagyu A5 Striploin

Kuroge Wagyu A5

  • Kuroge Wagyu A5 Striploin
  • Kuroge Wagyu A5 Rib Eye

Kuroge Wagyu A4

  • Kuroge Wagyu A4 Striploin
  • Kuroge Wagyu A4 Rib Eye
  • Kuroge Wagyu A4 Rib Cap
  • Kuroge Wagyu A4 Tenderloin
  • Kuroge Wagyu A4 Chuck Rib

Kuroge gyu

Kuroge gyu is a cross breed of Wagyu and dairy breeds, so it has the meat quality of Kuroge Wagyu and good development of the Holstein breed. It contains slight of marbling fat as much as Wagyu beef.

Kuroge Gyu F1

  • Kuroge Gyu F1 Striploin
  • Kuroge Gyu F1 Rib Eye
  • Kuroge Gyu F1 Chuck Roll

Kuroge Wagyu F1 Striploin